Process Donation


General Questions
What is Process Donation?

Process Donation is a fundraising platform for nonprofits. It significantly enhances the fundraising capabilities of the nonprofits by providing them the tools that are intuitive yet very effective.

What can we do with the Process Donation?

With Process Donation, you can collect donations, organize events, sell tickets, run peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, manage memberships, manage and communicate with donors and a lot more.

Does Process Donation use social media for promoting campaigns?

Process Donation is fully integrated with social media that include Facebook and Twitter in multiple levels including campaign promotion, peer-to-peer fundraising and donation response pages.

How does Process Donation work with our website?

It is very simple. We will provide you custom donation and/or event page and all you have to do is link that page to the appropriate button on your website.

Do we need a programmer to integrate with Process Donation?

Not at all. Linking a custom page to a button on your website can be done by anyone. Our team will be more than happy to support with this.

Can we use Process Donation if we are not a registered nonprofit?

Currently, we only support nonprofits registered with the IRS in the United States.

How easy is it to get started?

Signing up with Process Donation is very easy and may take about 10 minutes. You can sign up instantly on our website, once you enter the nonprofit's name, address, federal tax ID and bank account information to deposit funds.

How soon do we receive our funds?

Funds will be deposited in the nonprofit's bank account within 2-3 business days from the day the donations are processed.

What happens once we have signed up?

You will have instant access to setup your campaigns, create events, customize receipts etc. We will contact you for a walk through of the platform and provide you with the custom pages. We can get you up and running within the next business day.

Custom Pages
How soon will we receive our custom pages after signing up?

You will receive the custom pages the next business day after signing up.

What are custom pages?

We create custom donation, event and membership pages that are tailored to match your website for better user experience. These pages are linked to the buttons in your website thereby creating a seamless donation experience.

Are the custom pages mobile responsive?

All custom pages are compatible with mobile devices for a simple and intuitive mobile experience.

How do we connect custom pages to our website?

We will provide you the urls to the custom pages and guide you to connect them to the appropriate buttons in your website.

What are the different subscription levels?

We have three different subscription levels - Standard, Premium and Ultimate. Please click here to learn more.

Can we run multiple campaigns at the same time?

You will be able to run as many campaigns as you want simultaneously.

How can we promote our fundraising campaigns?

You can use email campaigning, social media campaigning and the Peer-to-Peer fundraising pages to effectively promote your campaign. The donors are also engaged to promote the campaign after completing their donation to spread the campaign using social media.

Can we run crowdfunding campaigns?

You can instantly run crownfunding campaigns for any of your causes. It takes under 5 minutes to create a crowdfunding campaign.

Do you support peer-to-peer fundraising?

You can convert donors and volunteers into fundraisers by creating branded peer-to-peer fundraising pages instantly. Fundraisers will have the ability to form their own teams or join an existing team.

Can we organize events using Process Donation?

Yes, you will have the ability to create custom event pages to organize events.

Can we sell tickets to events?

Setting up ticketed events is very easy in Process Donation. You will have the ability to create different ticket types along with their start and end dates and they instantly appear on your custom events page.

How long does it take to create an event?

Creating an event is as simple as entering the event details and creating tickets. You will also have the ability to create promo codes. The custom events page is instantly generated that can then be linked to your website.

Can the guests register for the event and pay offline?

You will have the ability to offer guests the ability to pay at the venue or mail you a check during the check out process.

Is there a way to check in guests at the venue?

When the guests register for events using the custom pages, they receive an email confirmation that includes QR code. Using our mobile app, you will have the ability to check guests in at the event by scanning the QR codes.

Can we offer special discounts on tickets?

You will have the ability to create and configure promo codes to offer special discounts. The guests can then use these promo codes at the time of checkout to avail for those discounts.

Can we decide what information to collect while selling tickets?

You will have the ability to select predefined fields or create your own custom fields that can be used to collect information while selling tickets for an event.

What if we want to ask about t-shirt size or meal preference for an event?

Ability to create custom questions will allow you to collect any information that you need during the sign up process for your events.

Can we ask for donations while purchasing tickets?

Certainly. As part of creating an event, you will have the option to request the guests for donations while registering for an event.

Does Process Donation support memberships?

Process Donation fully supports memberships. You will have the ability to create custom membership forms instantly with the option to renew membership dues automatically by the members.

How long does it take to create a membership form?

Creating a membership form is as easy as entering the details about the membership and creating different membership levels. You will also have the ability to customize the form to collect the information you need from the members. The custom membership form is instantly generated and you can link that form to your website.

Can we customize the questions on the membership form?

You will have the ability to fully customize the membership form and choose the information you want to collect from the predefined fields or create your own fields.

Can the membership dues be automatically renewed?

Membership forms will have the option for the members to decide if they chose to renew their memberships automatically.

Can we offer special discounts on membership dues?

You will have the ability to create and configure promo codes to offer special discounts. The guests can then use these promo codes while signing up membership to avail those discounts.

Donor Management
Do you track all the donations from a donor?

Process Donation has a donor management system that tracks donations, both online and offline, from all donors and provides you with a comprehensive report on each donor.

Can we merge different donor records?

You will have the ability to merge donor records within the donor management system and consolidate the donations.

Can we enter checks or in-kind donations manually?

You will have the ability to manually enter any checks or in-kind donations received from a donor.

What if we want to change the contact information of a donor?

Process Donation provides you the ability to fully manage your donors that includes the ability to keep their contact information upto date, add notes, setup reminders etc.

Does Process Donation support refunds?

You will have the ability to issue refunds to donors instantly in Process Donation with out having to wait for support.

Does Process Donation automatically send receipts to donors?

Process Donation has the ability to send receipts to donors for their donations, registration confirmations, fundraiser receipts etc.

Can we customize the receipts?

You will have the ability to fully customize all the emails sent out to donors. You will also have the ability to receive email alerts when you receive a donation.

Can we have more than one user managing our account?

You can create multiple users to manage your account with Process Donation. There is no limit on how many users you can create.

Third Party Integrations
How can we get the donor emails into our Constant Contact account?

Process Donation is integrated with Constant Contact and Mail Chimp. You can authorize Process Donation to push the donor information automatically to either of these accounts.

Do you support QuickBooks?

Process Donation is integrated with QuickBooks Online. Donation information can be automatically pushed to your QuickBooks account.

What is Double the Donation?

Many corporations match donations made by employees to a wide range of nonprofits, to support employee charitable giving, and to extend corporate philanthropy. By reminding your donors of matching gift programs and by simplifying searching and applying for matching gifts, Double the Donation will grow your revenue.

Is there a separate fee for using Double the Donation?

You can subscribe to Double the Donation service for $14.99/month with no contract. Even with one matching donation from a corporation, this feature pays for itself.

Who do we contact if we need support?

We are here to help you. You can email us at or call us at (800) 586 9484.