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Custom donation pages

Customized online donation pages that match your website

You have a great web site with information on your organization and your cause. You wish to collect donations but you don't have the expertise or the time to set that up. That's where Process Donation comes in. You can focus on your organization's cause, events, membership and core fundraising goals and we will make your fundraising as easy as pressing a button!

Process Donation will provide donation pages that will blend in with your organization's existing web site to avoid any confusion to donors. Our solution gives you user-friendly and mobile-friendly pages that are seamlessly integrated with your website and make the mobile donation experience graceful for your donors. You can choose from pre-defined templates or request further customization tailored to your organization's web site.

Multi-Processor Integration

If you have specific requirements in terms of who you would like to process your donations, due to cost and other constraints, Process Donation is a very flexible product that can be integrated with any payment processor in the market.

Recurring Donations

Apart from the ability to make one time donations, donors will also have the ability to set up Recurring Donations. This is especially helpful on causes and campaigns that require a regular stream of funds.

Payment Received Messages

Your donors will want reassurance that their payment was successful - or unsuccessful for any reason. Our solution provides you the option to choose a standard message to donors to notify them that their donation was received - or if there were any issues (card was rejected, etc.). Our solution is designed to immediately detect if any payment information is entered in error or the payment does not go through successfully. Additionally, your account can be set up to automatically send out donor receipts - from an email tied to your organization - to the donor's email address. This shows your donors a higher level of sophistication for your organization.

Fully Integrated Payment Portal

Our secure, fully compliant payment processing portal is designed to accept all forms of electronic payments in a seamless environment. We are partnered with a PCI compliant merchant service provider authorized to process secure payments.


You have a great organization and a worthy cause. You want to raise funds but you don't have the expertise or the time to build anything eye-catching, so you settle for a button and a white page. That's where Process Donation comes in. We'll help you create an engaging way for your donors to give online with your direction and under the banner of your unique name and image, keeping your theme consistent throughout. While you focus on your organization's core goals, we will make your fundraising easy!

How Process Donation Can Help with Branding

For a fundraising campaign to succeed, donors need to know that their donations are going to the non-profit they intend to support. That's why Process Donation provides non-profit branding services. For each event you host, or membership request we ensure that your online page matches the branding your non-profit has worked so hard to create. Your logo, your typography, your color schemes, your distinctive images-a Process Donation hosted payments page can incorporate all the essential elements of your brand. If your nonprofit is just starting out, and you only have the beginnings of a non-profit brand, then we can help you to integrate your existing brand elements into a unified image on your Process Donation fundraising campaign page.

Why It's Important for Non-Profits to Use Branding for Fundraising

Branding for non-profits is essential for outreach and fundraising yield. Non-profit fundraising branding helps the public gain awareness of your non-profit's mission and acquire confidence in your organization. Clear, unified branding helps potential supporters comprehend your non-profit's mission more quickly. Repeated exposure to your non-profit's branding creates familiarity and comfort with your organization. Unified non-profit branding across websites, social media ecosystems, and fundraising platforms helps potential donors quickly recognize a fundraising appeal from your organization as official and legitimate, increasing the likelihood they will contribute to your non-profit. With integrated branding, potential donors contribute with confidence, certain that their donations are reaching the organization they intend to support.

Get Started with Process Donation's Non-Profit Fundraising Software

Process Donation's fundraising software supports fundraising for non-profits by providing donation pages that will blend in with your organization's existing website for a seamless transition. We customize every donation page to match your brand, complete with the logo, color scheme and pictures. With these user-friendly pages, your donors can feel safe and confident because of the familiar layout. You can choose from pre-defined templates or request further customization tailored to your organization's web site.

Grow Your Brand Today

Process Donation can help you grow your brand. A branded fundraising campaign page isn't just a compelling, secure way to raise funds for your non-profit-it also helps reinforce your non-profit's image in the minds of supporters and donors. With each of these pages you run on Process Donation, supporters and donors grow more familiar with your organization's unique look and feel-your organization's essential brand. Start growing your brand today!