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As a professional services provider we understand that as important as it is to build a product, it is also important to provide good support. In the absence of good and reliable support, the whole purpose of the product is defeated. We take pride in educating our clients about our product as well as in helping answer their questions. If you do not find answers to your questions on this page, please reach out to our Customer Service personnel and we will be glad to take your questions.

Account Related
What are the initial costs to set-up my account with Process Donation?

There are no initial costs, our sign-up is free.

After I sign-up, how long will it take to start using Process Donation?

It usually takes about a business week to activate your account, depending on how quickly you provide the necessary documents to Payment Processing and Process Donation representatives.

Process Donation
What are the payment types using we can accept donations/payments from our users?

Using Process Donation, your organization can accept payments through Credit Cards as well as Checks.

What credit cards will my company be able to use for accepting donations through Process Donation?

You'll be able to accept donations using Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards.

What kind of computers and browsers is Process Donation compatible with?

Process Donation can be used with both a PC and a Mac. Any computer running on Windows, Linux or Mac platform and connected to the Internet using one of the major web browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.) can be used to connect to your Process Donation account without any additional configuration.

Will Process Donation work on mobile devices?

Yes, Process Donation is fully functional on mobile devices (Mobile Phones & Tablet computers).

How are reports generated in Process Donation? Can we export or print the reports?

Reports are generated and displayed in a tabular format in Process Donation. All reports can be exported to .XLS, .CSV and PDF formats.

Is there a limit on the number of concurrent users that can use our pages on Process Donation?

No, it's unlimited. All members of staff, volunteers, board members, etc. can use the system at the same time for different purposes. Also there are no per user license fees at Process Donation.

How many donors (prospects, leads or actual) can be tracked/managed using Process Donation?

It's unlimited.

Is support and training available for Process Donation?

Yes. For more information on support and training please email us at

Why should I use Process Donation?

Process Donation provides the tools to allow you to raise more money and to increase your operating efficiencies. Our Process Donation users see an average 40% gain in staff productivity. Nonprofits choose Process Donation and continue to use for these top reasons.

  •  Process Donation is intuitive and very easy to use.
  •  Process Donation is affordable for all sizes of nonprofits.
  •  We provide exceptional customer support. We help you with best practices. We listen to you and incorporate your suggestions into new releases of Process Donation.
  •  Process Donation has robust features and functions so you can easily manage all of your constituents (prospects, donors, volunteers, recipients of your services), your donations (recurring, memorial, honor), your fundraising campaigns and events, and much more.
Is computer expertise required to use Process Donation? Does my organization need to employ computer trained personnel to maintain our pages on Process Donation?

No. We host the Process Donation application and database on our servers in our Class A Datacenter. We take care of maintaining the servers, backing up your data, providing disaster recovery, and much more. You just need to provide the workstations (MACs or PCs) that you'll use to access Process Donation and you need to make sure you have an internet connection.

Is Process Donation a not-for-profit organization?

No, Process Donation is a company on a mission to help non-profit organizations enhance their online fundraising platforms.

What categories of companies are qualified for an account with Process Donation?

All non-profit organizations, charitable corporations, churches, schools, and advocacy groups are welcome to apply. If you're not sure under which category your organization falls, give us a call and one of our friendly reps will help you figure out if we're a good fit for your needs.

Why Choose Us
  •  The process of making donations is very simple, easy and quick for Donors
  •  Non Profits can track Donations Efficiently
  •  99.95% uptime guaranteed with the Process Donation software
  •  Process Donation provides the largest set of features at a very low cost
  •  Customized and Secure Online donation forms: Process Donation takes care of setting up customized online donation forms that look like your organization's website with graphics colors, background images and custom CSS
  •  Accepts every major Credit card and Electronic checks
  •  All Process Donation pages are designed to be friendly for IOS and Android devices
  •  Our real time reporting system gives flexibility to the Nonprofits in countless ways, to be able to run and export reports as well as be able to see detailed graphs comparing daily volumes across all your campaigns